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“What I know now about narrative medicine”

Inmaculada Jorge
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
Narrative medicine is a concept that is quite unknown in itself, although many professionals in our work as educators and therapists of people adults and older kept it as such, but not knowing that there could be a term describing it. In my experience as a teacher of two modules of the Heppy project, I not only tried to convey to the students a new way of understanding the professional and personal relationships with patients and families, taking into account not only the medical pathologies, but encouraging the knowledge of individuals with their environment and personality; also helped me how personal experience in my work, especially with my parents, who are older and try every day to put not only my knowledge of the pathologies that are beginning to emerge, but to give more importance to communication, love, sensitivity, making them feel heard and understood... As for the students, it has been a very involved and participatory group, likewise, the experience I thought impressive and enriching by exchanging experiences with other professionals in different countries. MANY THANKS TO THE COORDINATORS AND PROMOTERS OF THIS ABSOLUTELY NEEDED PROJECT!!

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