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“Narrative medicine: a new approach to understand the patients”

Virginia Tataru.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
One of the most important things of the modules of the Heppy project for me, has been to understand what supposed narrative medicine in practice. The doctor listens to the patient's history and translates it into his own narrative: the clinical history. Like any history, it has several readings depending on who listen to it. The stories are built, exchanged and heard as a result of human interaction... Therefore, the story told by people suffering is not identical to the clinical history, although it may be compatible. A narrative analysis must call into question the presumption of being able to more medicine if you have to tell the story. As a medical professional, I know the effectiveness of the medicine. However, if you want to increase this effectiveness in high-prevalence health problems, as in the case of somatic symptoms without organic cause, exploring conflict and consequences that emerge from the interaction of psychological causes and physical causes seems essential, and something very new, that I could expand and learn in greater depth by the Heppy project contents.

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