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“My good impressions”

Merly Mendoza.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
As a professional caregiver, I have only good impressions of the course of the Heppy project. It has helped me to pay attention, in my daily practices assisting seniors, in listening and care to the way in which nurses and professionals serve people. No forgetting of empathy and care, since sometimes it is the little details that most contribute to healing and well-being of patients. Helped me also to learn about the psychology of the sick and to take into account the important thing is sometimes the mood of caregivers. A practice I can't think in concrete, but yes I can say that since I have attended this course, I have a different perception of the care that is needed to put into practice, since we have learned concepts very valuable narrative medicine that I and my colleagues put into practice from our medical knowledge, since the narrative medicine does not diminish but adds to improve medical care for patients.

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