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“Hospital assistance”

Rebeca Capón.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
Me, María José Jorge as Rebeca Capón work center supervisor would like to convey my testimony regarding the excellent Gerocultora. As well as also attest to the testimony of a family above dependent resident with cognitive impairment and a dependent resident without cognitive impairment. Having been informed of the participation of Rebecca in the course Heppy, have seen a positive development of their capabilities and attitudes in the performance of their duties of care and its interaction with residents, family members and co-workers of all professional categories. Rebecca has been able to transmit, day after day, their knowledge learned and seated, showing abilities such as: attitude of evolution and improvement, communication and listening active, empathy, prudence, confidentiality, delicacy, sensitivity, customization care, dedication and enthusiasm and adapting to change, all with great humility, respect and diligence.

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