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“Personal experience”

Rafael Martí.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
I was commissioned to the assistance and support of 80 years old man, named Matthew. It is a stocky man despite his age, who only had to prepare and serve the food, but for everything else is independent and does not need external help. It is little communicative and above all refuses to relatives, who is ill with the exception of his daughter. Of their other two children, both boys, hardly sees them, but continually asks for them, but when they go to see him, by way of revenge, just makes them case. I have come to realize that, after a long time on your side, because when he speaks of his children will note the affection and the desire to see them, but then when they are with him only directs them words of resentment. Then, when he was attending Heppy modules, it occurred to me that perhaps the narrative medicine therapy could be applied in this case with their own children, that also go wrong since they do not know how much the father shows his love when they are not. So I encouraged me, very discreetly talk with them without Matthew overhears and finally, I've managed to come to visit him one day every week. Matthew was still frowned upon at the beginning but when it has been missing not your visit is changing the attitude.

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