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Daniella Vacarelu.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
I am health professional for 3 years in Madrid. I am working in a private clinic and assisting people with disabilities at home. HEPPY project for me has been a support tool above all on the part of the personal with my patients treatment because his theories and strategies already knew them but have been examples and practices with the module, I realized how many times they've been overlooked my patients more ignoring their diseases, when, in reality, patient and disease for a caregiver must always go hand in hand. I recall now the case of an elderly lady that one day, while I was doing the HEPPY modules, asked me about my studies and spoke to her about narrative medicine, then we began to talk about her, about her experience with pain and death (she is a terminal patient) and I served a lot having these hours of course to understand her, and to pay attention at the specific moment she was living and the help she needed to have.

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