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Elena Bastón.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
I am a professional caregiver for several years in Spain and in my daily practice sometimes I have missed a support, a book or other professional to share my sorrow and my experiences with patients. It has served me the course of HEPPY to contrast feelings of medical professionals, the frustrations and doubts are shared and that has helped me a lot. It has happened, often, even by putting me in the place of the patient and listening to him/her, and they, frequently, have been aggressive, due to disease and pain. I can hardly cope with these situations and yet, thanks to the materials of the project, I have account that sometimes one can do most of what does and can be even inconvenient take us to the personal suffering of the patients. I think I've learned to be a better professional and tend to my patients with more love and respect and be less afraid of them.

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