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“Narrative medicine and my personal experience”

Yeritza Betzabe Mazzini Jaramillo.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
I am a foreign doctor who has lived 3 years in Spain. I currently work as a professional caregiver at home, with old people. My experiences as a doctor have been numerous, however I remember fondly those patients with whom I've shared more your experience and your illness chatting, as I learned later in the course of the project HEPPY with narrative medicine. On one occasion, a lady who suffered from a chronic disease, told me that she felt more relief whenever met with me and talked about their children and their grandchildren, and told me that, during those times, barely felt the pains and a little of his illness forgot...This touched me a lot and since it, I put more emphasis and attention to give to my patients affection and active listening because, as this old lady told me, that helped them on occasions more than own medicine. And is truth that human beings need so much care and personal care such as medications, and no patient will be well served if it does not require the care and affection of the doctors who surround him/her.

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