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“Doctors with humanism”

Susana Villar Álvarez.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
In my experience as a doctor, I have had different situations in which I have come to realize that the patient care and humanity have had a powerful impact on their improvement. I remember especially the Group of affected women from breast cancer, in Bogotá, who gathered at the hospital once a week and we created a narrative group with them in order to share their suffer with this disease, to explain how much transplants affected their self-esteem and their personal lives. They shared their experiences and all highlighted how important it was for them to have doctors with could express their fears and feel their attention and love, concerning to this cruel disease and that daily affects more people in the world. For me, the HEPPY project reveals something that I've been able to live directly, how medicine narrative support that patients express their feelings and this relieves them of pain suffering every day. I think it is very positive that projects of this type are to share in the medical environment and own doctors and caregivers develop humanitarian values to improve in their professional work.

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