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“Personal experience attending old people”

Fidia Elena Ruiz.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
Since I have 15 years old, I worked as a caregiver for the elderly in homes, hospitals and at home. It's totally vocational work and sometimes I feel that I am missing the forces or that I have no good day with my patients. It is then when I think most necessary to train professionals in this narrative medicine that we have learned by the Heppy project. Put in the place of the patient, who seems so normal to those who work in it, often is not so easy because one also has its problems and concerns. Therefore, that has helped me learn about empathy and attention to the patient and to his way of living the illness as a means to understand you better and also to feel less compelled to do things that maybe the patient does not need. The other day, without going any further, I not was well and needed to be seated, then my older lady that I attend at home told me: "there you are well, Queen, stay and you make me company". Certainly before I had not I do nothing but then I knew that my wife was right, that was enough to keep us company and we spent the evening chatting, she showed me old photographs, we were so comfortable and this owe to this new learning that we had by the Heppy project.

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