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“Grateful to HEPPY project”

Félix Sánchez.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: health care professionals
For 5 years I am professional caregiver in Spain and I'm responsible for mobilizing and care for elderly people in a residence. I contacted the Senara Foundation so I inform about courses and then I spoke of the HEPPY project and its contents and then I dared to attend since it had as much related to my work. I do this work because I like to meet and be close with older people, apart that I have had experience caring for relatives since he was a teenager. To attend courses of the project, I learned about narrative medicine and applications arising from it and immediately began to apply with my seniors. At first more psychologist than caregiver, I felt that I put into practice active listening, empathy, attention to the patient and not so much the physical symptoms that is what most often worry doctors. I soon discovered the benefits of this narrative medicine; "therapy" to my elders is much more beneficial than expected. I have told them that I am forming in this line and they are excited, because they say that I am now more available and it sees me wanting to know more about them, I am very grateful for this new knowledge and what I serve in my work.

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