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A closed case of Alzheimer

Chelo Gutiérrez del Valle.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: patients and relatives
The word Alzheimer's and what it means was linked to my life in the person of my mother, who suffered from the disease for almost fifteen years. Evil appeared slowly, without that we would then have confirmation of his diagnosis. They carried a depression, character and mood changes, psychiatric consultation. It took a few years to find out what it was. At the same time, I began a process of learning to treat it conveniently, with the lowest negative impact for both. I searched for information, contacted specialists, read, attended meetings of family of the ill, and tried to advance in the understanding of disease and in overcoming the difficulties that were arising. After my experience, I think that there are keys to attend this type of sick and they would be: accept the situation, recourse to all the love and tenderness which one is capable, reserve spaces for personal respite, ask for help and not to feel guilty if we put ourselves in a bad mood or are not able to give more.

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