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My personal experience as caregiver

Jaime González.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: patients and relatives
During the period of one year was working as a caregiver of two people in the same family: father, of about 75 years and son with diagnosed schizophrenic disorder. In this first overview, I will explain my experience caring for the boy, about 22 years of age with schizophrenia living in the family home. Despite his diagnosis, and the severity of the case since he was a lad of almost 2 meters of height, had never admitted him to a Center and it regularly to visit his psychiatrist and other free time activities where I was in charge of carrying it. It was a very difficult period. As I said, the boy had a serious disorder and an important scale, so it was not easy to deal with their anger, their changes of mood and continued attacks. Parents, who I also cared, did not know how to control it. During the 9 months that I was as a caregiver, I note that in certain cases need to be firm - although this entail the risk that patients are angry - but in my case it was the only way to cope with the situation safely. I also felt the need to have patience and be careful, follow the instinct as they say and have an open mind with creative and different ideas adapted to each situation.

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