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My personal experience as caregiver II

Jaime González.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: patients and relatives
In this case I will talk about my experience caregiver with a gentleman of about 75 years old who lived with her son's 22 with schizophrenic disorder and his wife, somewhat younger than him who continued to work as a nurse in a hospital near the family home. The father of the family began to have symptoms of senile dementia, in a setting where also suffered ill-treatment on the part of his son with mental illness. While my work was to attend both, for me it was easier to consider the activities of the child out of the House so he could spend more time alone according to the father and may thus give attention, honey and listen above all which was what, from my point of view, the more I needed. For me it was a very tough season and however, those moments that went solo with Don Antonio, as it was called, I remember them fondly. We read the newspaper together, watched television and spent time together just not to mention and I realized that he felt at peace for a while, only with the company. I felt very useful only with being there, at his side, giving him a hand and leaving that he caught it me as if it were a child. Never spoke to me of their fears with the son, though you could tell he was different in his presence, but I not asked because, as I said, I knew that what he needed was have me close and feel wanted and accompanied care.

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