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My experience suffering the pain

Mª Paz Giambastiani
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: patients and relatives
5 Years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a term that I was not oblivious, because as a journalist had written an article about the disease. The degenerative terms, disabling and chronic rumbled in my head. From that moment I started a long way, sometimes better led and other hard times. They were years of abrupt changes, sensations, feelings, helplessness and uncertainty. All these years I went through different phases, at times I wanted to know and searched for information on all sides, other indifference was my best friend. The first three years passed without almost realizing realized I had, if not for the disability certificate, that struck me because it was like a way to emphasize my new reality. It had gone from being a healthy person to have an illness, which was leaving. Having EM requires constant adaptation. Affection, restraint and understanding are more than words; it is a necessity and an almost indispensable requirement for the transition of the disease every day.

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