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Difficulties and benefits attending my mother

Susana Cuadrado.
Language: English
Country: Spain
Typology: patients and relatives
Take care of my mother who is 92 years old and this diagnosed moderate Alzheimer's since made 2 by the Dept. Neurology of the hospital Puerta de Hierro in Madrid at the request of his family doctor that took several years telling symptoms. Your family doctor told me what I suspected, or specialist in the three visits we have made has told me nothing absolutely disease or what do I serve it better and not to become crazy nothing at all, is limited to writing in the report what I tell you and answer your questions and to prescribe treatment and the return visit. We live together from 7 died my father and came to live with me because he didn't want to deal with living alone in the House where he had lived with my father for more than 50 years ago. Scientists say disease begins to develop some 20 years prior to diagnosis and I sincerely believe that longer because almost I remember my mother with a normal behaviour would say that since 30 years ago. I think the most important thing as a caregiver, is having spaces for me, can combine attention to the sick with a bit of relax, already that if it is not unbearable, especially when it's family.

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