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A nice gift

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
It was 1999 and, at the time, I worked in the neonatal intensive care unit of the Hospital in Moncalieri. On July 12, I started my shift at three p.m. and I took into my care the case of a baby, born in the morning, weighing 4,000 grams. Shortly after his birth, Luca begins to suffer from a series of seizures leading him to immediately undergo examinations and admission to NICU. The baby is chubby: he seems to be perfectly healthy! He suffers from marked hypoglycaemia and requires continuous infusions of glucagon. While investigations continue to determine the reason for hypoglycaemia, I meet Luca’s mother, a sweet and cheerful woman, but also very worried. Days go by, Luca sucks milk from his mother’s breast, surrounded by all the drips. Meanwhile, we get the diagnosis: he is affected by a rare disease to the pancreas (eight cases in the whole of Europe). In a matter of days, they have to leave for Paris, where there is the only European hospital able to operate on Luca. No one dares to go with them, me neither! The journey by train, and then by ambulance, not to mention drip and tests (to be carried out even on the train)… I established a deep and immediate relationship with Luca’s mom, dad and little sister. I decided to go with them and with the paediatrician as well, of course. It was a wonderful experience. I was helpful thanks to my little knowledge of French... my professional skills, but especially because I cared for them. And they helped me as well, by giving me the opportunity to being useful and giving me a lot of love... and now, after thirteen years, Luca is one of the best friends of my baby of nine years old. Luca hands down his clothes to him and, above all, makes us happier thanks to the cheerfulness that has always characterized him, even in difficult times. Her mom is one of my closest friends. A gift I have received from this profession!

Date: 11/11/2013

Posted by Roma (Lithuania)

Very interesting story

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