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narrative description 2

Anna Tylingo-Budnik
Language: English
Country: Poland
Typology: health care professionals
Patient 16 years old, was diagnosed with diabetes. The boy did not realize the essence of his illness, as well as his parents, shocked by the news. Young patient needed support from the medical staff, as well as motivation to treat his condition. We encouraged the patient to tell us about his experiences, problems, or any sort of events from the period of the disease. We heard the complains of the patient and his family and comforted them and they acknowledge what the patient need to cope with his disease. Further to our discussion with the patient and his family, the young patient realized that he has a health problem and he should try to understand its nature and path of treatment. Rules of narrative medicine taught me that it is important to communicate with patients and the ability to hear the complaints of the patient. Also, we should exchange information with both sides (patient- medical personnel-family) so that patients could adapt received knowledge to their situation.

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