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And so I chose …

Carneci Odetta
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
The meeting took place after the whole family banished him . He was no longer wanted , become physically and verbally aggressive , listless , he was not heard, he had had become the "black sheep " of the family. And after an introduction I asked Mr. X to begin to remember an episode he liked / positive in his life. He didn’t have what to tell ...... he did not find anything positive ....... when I asked one of the ugliest moments of life .......... I started a "button " , it all started years ago when his friends taught him to consume alcohol, increasing amounts with age and experience acquired over time. He was not present at the birth of the first child, or the first year of school , or high school girl or college......... nothing .... any positive event does not have a beginning, an end was confused ........ As in now his medical situation ..... a dry cirrhosis is installed in his body and thus aggravates problems. Put down by the disease , loneliness , uncertainty about tomorrow , sinking deeper into alcohol. Telling about his parents , childhood, brothers , he managed to discover that he is not alone , and that in fact he was the one who had escaped from their world by choosing vice, and that he could at any time return to his parents' home where he is accepted .... if he gave up drink. Again " IF " An " IF " that weighed greatly against alcohol . I did not put the label , I did not scold him , I did not see the alcoholism, an old tenant of mind and his body , but simply I saw him , the man , the engineer, I saw clearly suffering, sorrow and I felt his desire was to come back to a good way … as if he had enough of alcohol, but the alcohol did not have enough of him. And then I discovered it was not late for a rehabilitation. The hours spent with the anonymous alcoholics mobilized him in a positive way. Then came the first phone to children ...... they were reluctant , but encouraged by his voice clear and coherent, the conversation had a happy ending . Then we searched again into the “closed drawers” and we remembered first love ..... positive episode , then college degree, the wedding , first classes with children. We learned together to honestly apologize , head up .......... Today I see him in the park , walking with grandchildren ................. he does not drink , he does throw money on vices , he buys sweets and toy cars for the children ......... it took only a detailed description of life and an ear to hear it ....... so that he hears it and makes a choice.

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