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The story of Mihaela

Manuela Amarii
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
Mihaela , aged 74, lives in a small provincial town . She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the previous year , suffered a mastectomy , chemotherapy . She goes monthly to the capital city of the county. At first it was hard, now she became accustomed , it is worse after treatment, but she is happy that she did not lose her hair . She thinks she has been " lucky " because in the hospital she was treated by a nephew who is a physician and closely supervised her during the surgery and after it . And now she feel protected because people know that she is his aunt . She has been widow for two years , her husband died after a long suffering for many years after a stroke . He was called Constantin and he struggled with physical degradation , mental state of helplessness . In all these years she took care of him , treatments, doctors, state of crisis , anger and discontent that he was no longer an active man who used to take care of the housework , go out with the kids, read a lot and comment on the day's events . Mihaela had one child , a boy , Viorel , engineer, married a third time , the first wife divorced , the second died and the third lived far away would come see him, twice a year, and to celebrate the holidays , especially Christmas . He had a niece , Irina , from his son, whom she had raised since she was small and now she was a student , they see monthly, but spoke almost daily on the phone and that was her " soul " . While her husband was sick, she did all the housework, shopping, pension administration , with maintenance payments , with what was to be done. She also had problems with the heart , she is hypotensive and believes that diabetes has a beginning , because she likes too much candy , but she was afraid to make blood tests . She does not understand why she got sick , she made no excess all her life and did no harm to anyone. Now she feels well, and she resumed her activities, she thinks of what would have happened to her husband , who would have stayed with Constantin if he was still alive and she was in the hospital , probably Viorel and his wife . She keeps herself busy all day long , receiving visits , having neighbors, friends , relatives, nieces , nephews , there is no day in which someone does not come to her. She believes that what was bad is gone and will fight the disease because she wants to see her niece married.

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