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The hope of a person dying

Andrei Maria
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
My job is caregiver to elderly people in a palliative care center . In all these years since I am in this job , I met some special cases, but one of them caught my attention in particular. Although at first the doctors did not give him a chance of survival , the result turned out to be positive . One day a patient was brought to the clinic by the hospital ambulance, accompanied by her daughter and her husband immobilized in a wheelchair . The lady was operated for a cerebral tumor and required hospitalization in our clinic because her husband was immobilized and her daughter was leaving abroad where she was working. Being on duty when the case was took over, I started by wetting her lips. Seeing that she reacts and opens the half-month, I started to give her water with a syringe. In a few days she was given milk fortified with vitamins , yogurt and mashed vegetables . In a few months the lady gave signs of stabilization and recovery. Our colleague kinotherapeut was called to assess her . He began working with her with calm and devotion . Now the patient is able to walk with the help of a metallic support, she visits her home every 2-3 weeks from where she comes back with joy and the wish to change one day the metallic support with a stick to help her walk. Throughout the care, the patient communicated very well with all the team, you can discuss anything with her and she has a lot of plans for the future.

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