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Kindness that changed me as a person

Antohi Andreea
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
I think that the stories of all patients are relevant, they change your perception of life , make you more sensitive but also more powerful . I would like to say that when I entered the medical world as kinotherapeut , I was a shy person , not very communicative, and no experience in working with people, with patients suffering from different diseases. Together with my colleagues I gradually learned how much importance should be given to the medical care , the patient comes in suffering, that you give some hope that it so badly needs . It's already been two years since I have this job and I have no regrets in terms of choice. Every day I try to give my patients understanding , patience, help and not just treating a disease , but also giving moral support . I can say that our experiences can influence the lives of patients and our lives , and for the success of the medical acts an important role plays the communication and trust offered to the suffering and to receive from our experience and professionalism.

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