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The soul hurts also

Carneci Odetta
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
Meeting face to face with him .... My doctor physician , did nothing to get me to understand why myself, a person who is optimistic, cheerful and sprightly I suddenly become apathetic and with no fancy for anything ...... even if the problem - loss of husband - was , in my point of view , arranged in " memory shelf " and not hinder me to resume my life in....... but .... And so I got to relive moments at all nice , telling the doctor those physical symptoms , tiredness , dizziness , vertigo, vomiting , etc. . Encouraged by the empathy of Dr. X , I narrated slowly and a glimpse of my past .......I created thus a sense of reactions , without knowing , a book full of useful information that with medical led to discerning mystery . I was not interrogated , labeled , but the whole discussion occurred voluntarily . Understanding the story , the way to recovery is easier . Doctors constantly act in a space of uncertainty where the possibility of errors is increased. Listening to patients and their stories the chance to establish a correct diagnosis increases, and the help I gave to the doctor I actually gave it to me. Converting thoughts and feelings into words is beneficial and releases and the fact that we are " rummaging " in closed drawers opens up new information. Loneliness , fear of not going to make it , of being "a nobody " hurts , and yes panic reactions accompanied the natural reaction of the body prepared to defend me . Reflecting and developing a coherent narrative complex after physical or mental health experience helps you better understand yourself , understand the others , and has beneficial effects on physical and emotional health . So what I did was to listen to me by means of the doctor , and to realize that a diet with vitamins, with " friend-therapy ", with a healthy thinking , eating right , positive thinking, is actually everything I need.

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