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A team dedicated to the patient

Ciobanu Ionela
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
I have been working for several years as a nurse for physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy spa and I met people - patients of all ages and social conditions , which in the face of suffering are like children, they need first attention, trust, hope and want someone to listen to them . I remember a typical day when in the office came a grandmother , I like to name her like this as she has a considerable age , with small eyes, , with deep wrinkles left by the passage of time and the hardships of life , she was supported by an improvised stick, and almost crying asked us to help her somehow - " my feet hurt a lot ." She was examined by the doctor I work with , we established a treatment plan and I started to work with her, she needed physiotherapy . Although scared she will not be able to walk , but most of all she was scared she would not be able to work to raise her grandson . With patience and understanding I listened to her, she was telling us that she is alone with a grandchild to raise, her children are left abroad and there is no one to help her and as she can she works daily praying to God to give her strength. In each day of treatment we were telling stories, sharing our experiences , we try hard to render hope and to soothe pain. If the first day she stepped into our office with some confidence at the end of the treatment her face was brighter , thanks to improved pain and that someone had the patience to listen to hear and to treat her with great dedication and professionalism. Our satisfaction is when any of our patients keep in touch with us, greet us for the holidays, send us flowers and confidently recommend us to their relatives and families.

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