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A chance to life

Cobila Mihaela
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
A patient aged 59 years with various diseases was brought by family to be given care in the center. Following discussions with the patient's family , it was found that the lady used to have a job , had worked 30 years in garments, she was divorced , and had a son of 23 years old . Following the experiences lived in the family, the patient condition deteriorate both mentally and physically due to alcohol consumption. We put ourselves in the place of the patient and her family and by taking into account the disease, family habits, way of life, together with the medical team we started to develop a plan of care for psychological, physical and medical side . With great patience , with warm voice, with love for the patient and the family we have gradually started to make progress . For a good period the patient was fed with a spoon , has taught to wash herself daily , to use her arms and legs, to have positive thinking about her as a person , about her illness and to strengthen the relationship with her son and her family . The patient recovered and has resumed activities performed in bed before falling . She went home , she was able to do the cooking, cleaning, shopping , etc. . got along very well with the boy , but one day we heard the news that the patient returned to the old habit , alcohol consumption . It was her choice.

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