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She had a hope

Cristina Rotariu
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
Some time ago I met a lady needing home care . She was aged 65 . But unfortunately she was diagnosed with lung cancer. A diagnosis difficult to accept . The physician informed her about the consequences of the disease. I went to her on the day she was released from hospital. She was a nice lady. She rarely smiled , was scared and very weak. She stood at the bedside and leaned her hands with all her strength. You could no longer find her veins, she was after a 3 week hospitalization period when she was in coma . She followed PIV treatment for 3 months , 15 days / month . She was dependent on oxygen , suffocating , had no air to breathe and caught and it was peak summer period , the warmest. I tried to find a vein, it took me some time. I did not want to fail. She had no patience. She was sick of pricks and treatments. She started to shake and she conveyed to me that state . I felt sorry for ger and I really wanted to be good , so that she doesn’t lose her trust in me. I had to explain that she must have the will , to fight, to be optimistic that she will overcome all the difficulties to come. She used to eat slowly (she refused ). I told her to turn left, right, it's very important to prevent other complications. I told her it’s time to stand up and eat in order to regain strength. With the time she would be able to make it for a few hours without oxygen machine. She started to listen to me. She needed that advice came from someone outside the family. I realised this by visiting her daily. After 5-6 days she started to make progress, to eat. She was happy if she was able to eat one spoon. Her sister and daughter used to help her go out in the balcony. Later on, after I told her about another patient with the same diagnosis, she started to administrate oxygen only when she felt the need, around 3 times a day, for 2 hours. One day she told me she made it without the oxygen and I congratulated her. She was better, after 2 months of P.I.V she went to a medical check and the doctor stopped the vein infusions and continued oral treatment . I started to become used with her. One day I visited her without announcing my visit. I brought her roses, she was very glad. She was in the balcony, looking well. She was happy to see me every time. One day, during the period of oral treatment, her daughter asked me to visit her as she was not feeling well. I went immediately. She was totally changed. I gave her a hug. She took my hand and asked me not to leave anymore, to make her a vein infusion. I told her I would do it, to stay relaxed. I managed to find her vein. I went out to talk with her daughter and advised her to call the ambulance. The doctors from the ambulance said there was nothing more they could do to her, it was better to keep her at home. I couldn’t stand leaving her like this, I put vein infusions for 4 days, but in the 5th day, I realized it was no longer possible. She saw me, she was screaming out of pain, she caught my hand, she no longer wanted me to go. Her daughter called me all day long to tell me how she was doing. In the end she died in the middle of the night.

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