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Care of a patient with gastric diseases

Cristina Rotaru
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
A year ago I cared for a patient who had been diagnosed with gastro- duodenal cancer . Upon receiving the awful news the patient's family was worried about the reaction that patient will have and what will happen along the way. The patient has been informed by the physician on his diagnosis and even proposed a possible stomach surgery to remove it . After receiving the diagnosis , the patient refused to fight against this terrible disease and wanted to know long he would still have to live , refusing to be operated . I tried to encourage the family and patient to fight for his life, not to let the defeat beat because medicine has evolved and there are very high chances to live . After numerous discussions with the patient he has accepted surgery as a last chance of survival, after which the esophagus was directly related to the gut. During this time I tried to help the patient, to encourage him although he suffered greatly and restore hope that in the end everything will be fine and will continue life almost like a normal person . After multiple meetings required by medical radiotherapy and chemo- therapy the patient was stabilized, with family and healthcare professionals always near him . We kept in touch by phone with the family and we kept seeing the patient at usual checks. The patient recovered slowly leading a life as normal as possible , following the doctor's instructions.

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