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Ioana Macarie
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
A person of 20 years old with symptoms of a migraine comes to me as a therapist for the first time. As a new therapist, a brief her that I need to find more about health. She can tell me any thinks I should know about the new situation and will do everything possible not to say another word and not write anything but just to absorb all the information about her life and health. I don’t just listen to her narrative content but also form the temporal unfolding images that evoke emotions, moments of silence, where the choice to begin to talk about herself, how it influences symptoms at other times in life. I pay attention to observe the narrative, gestures, expressions, posture, tone of voice. After a few minutes, she stops talking and starts to tear. In that moment I ask her why she cries and she tells me that until then no one let her do that.

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