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The story of my mother

Oarza Ana-Maria
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: health care professionals
I will tell the story of my mother who 5 years ago was diagnosed with a severe hard desease that needed surgery. Only that my mother did not want to accept to have this surgery out of reasons of being scared. In the moment when she found out the news she said that she is happy to leave what is left of life, without any surgery. And time passed and her condition worsened daily, and during these years she searched for a doctor to tell her that her disease did not need a surgery and can be cured with medicines and she actually found such a doctor to whom she didn’t tell the whole story. Three years passed and she fooled herself that she was better until one day when I convinced her to have a second opinion of a another doctor who of course said surgery was needed, but she was still reluctant. This year in January she noticed she could no longer make it like this as she was not sleeping the nights, she could no longer stand on her feet, etc. After several investigations my mother decided to have the surgery and she searched for the first doctor that had given her the diagnosis 5 years ago. After 5 years, this doctor remembered her case and started to prepare her for the surgery that lasted 6 hours. In two weeks my mother was back home feeling very well. My mother later on became the advisor of other patients who needed such operation.

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