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A heppy ending

Cristina Rotariu
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: patients and relatives
At the age of 25 I became pregnant with the first child . My pregnancy was with problems . So I was told after the consultation and ultrasound there will be problems if you listen to your doctor. I had to stay in hospital for a long period. But with treatment and advice from the doctor I managed to carry out the pregnancy to a good end. It was difficult for me not to make effort because I was an active person. And so I have birth to a little girl who was perfectly healthy. I was thinking to have just a child, I was afraid to have a second one in order not to have problems again. But I became pregnant again and I turned to the same doctor. I was sad because I knew the problems I had the first time. My first daughter being in the first grade at school, I was afraid I would not be able to take care of her. And I began to tell the doctor that I don’t think that at my age I can carry out a new pregnancy. The doctor had long discussions with me. He asked me if I had any brothers and sisters, if I didn’t want my daughter to have some one to turn to. He explained to me that I should not be afraid, that a pregnancy is not necessarily similar to another one and that I should consider well my decision. And I did so. I left home thinking positively. In the end I managed to carry out the pregnancy well, without having to stay in hospital. I trusted the doctor and I managed to overcome all the difficulties. Now I am a happy mother with 2 children.

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