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A chance to life

Enache Mariana
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: patients and relatives
I like to think I'm a strong person , a fighter , a person who has been through a lot in life. However every time managed to overcome the problems , but ...some news came after these sufferings seemed to unravel what I have built so many years . A reddish stain appeared on my breast and I kept hiding it from the family until I decided I have to know what is happening. I went to an appointment and the news came as a thunderbolt . I felt the earth beneath my feet running , questions are " rolling " in my mind , panic swept my body and I felt like I ran out of air. I told the news to the family and with fear in his voice I pronounced the sour truth " breast cancer " . Although I was afraid of what will happen, I agreed to talk to the person who saved my life 2 times already , an " angel " sent by God to alleviate human suffering and restore their hope and trust that there is life after disease so heavy . It followed hospitalization , surgery and postoperative treatment . I would like to mention that both medical personnel (doctor, nurse , nurse ) and children and my husband have been together , supported me , gave me the strength to fight the disease and get over this great challenge in my life. The collaboration of the medical staff with my family made it possible for me to cure; with their help I cured by soul and afterwards my body. I realized that there is life after "cancer" and whenever I have the opportunity I share my experience with other patients , trying to give them hope and confidence. I would like to thank everybody for this " chance to life ."

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