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My relation with the doctor when I was 11 years old

Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: patients and relatives
When I was 11 I went through a period where I had to go to many physicians to identify the cause of weight gain of 15 kg in one month. One of the doctors we went to was a lady doctor endocrinologist whose face comes back to me now . This lady was my "saving " when at school and among friends I was not understood, but often mocked at . I had nicknames like " the fat " and all the guys in school that I attend do all sorts of nasty allegations about me . When I did my tests, the doctor , seeing the result of my mother's diagnosis statement , namely hypothyroidism . After diagnosis the doctor wanted very much to know the causes of this disease at the age that I had , and especially that there is no person in the family who have this condition. I do not remember exactly if I was directly involved in the conversation between the mother and the doctor , but what I remember is that the doctor sat and listened to my story. When I was 9 my mother went to Italy , my father at work . We were three children in the care of a woman who claimed she is our friend and loves us, but cared not at all for us . We cared for one year , after which the mother would come back . Unfortunately the mother was returning after one year , during which I spent with my grandmother. After seeing again my mother I suddenly started taking weight. The doctor associated the disease with reunion with my mother, who she believes was a " shock " of joy after which the thyroid gland began to not function normally . The fact that the doctor wanted to know the causes of the disease encouraged me so much at that age . The doctor prescribed me a treatment and a proper diet for my age . At the same time she was concerned with how I feel at the school , which helped me I can tell from my fears. I was in grade 5 and at the end of grade 5 followed a Miss contest in school. I told my mom that I will not attend because I'm fat and I knew I was not accepted among peers and risk being ridiculed . But the doctor encouraged me , appreciated me telling me that she loves my name , found in me something good to motivate me in order to track the diet and treatment . At age 11 it's not so easy to keep a diet when all children eat sweets , but what helped me most was the involvement of this physician. I knew as a child that I mind cheating a lady doctor who wants more to help me not suffer . In one month I lost 5 kg without being hungry , and sometimes eating one small square of chocolate a day. I could participate in the Miss contest, and more than that to be passed by all colleagues in school! I was appreciated by all children in school , they no longer called me fat, but everyone called me beautiful words . I was applauded by the entire room ! I cried with joy ! And I think this is because the doctor whom cared for me, even though I was 11. I wonder what would have been the results of treatment if it would not have stopped to see what I got in that situation , what I face at the moment, that would be the thing that would help you most in the regime and properly administer this treatment ? The doctor gave me love , acceptance and trust that I will be healthy and beautiful , and helped me to do something for this.

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