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For the educator Mihaela RUSU

Darius’ mother
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: patients and relatives
We want to present in writing our thanks due to the support provided to the process of working with our son , Darius . At the end of 2012 , after you presented us the evaluation form and we discussed at length each critical point in the evolution of Darius I decided to expose these issues to specialist. Following the review , which both we as parents and you as teacher noticed , it was confirmed syndrome Attention deficit hyperactivity . Once diagnosed , I started therapy with psychologist and homeopathic treatment . During this period, permanent contact with you both verbally and in writing by mail , had an important role. We were informed about the evolution of Darius during kindergarten , classroom and playground, the relationship with colleagues. The fact that we were able to discuss with you, the person in charge of our son while he was not with us meant a lot. The recommendations made based on your experience working with children, the knowledge of the psycho-therapist helped us and continue to do so. Considering all these aspects , we want to thank you for your involvement , presence, message and not least because in you we found a true person . We thank you from our soul.

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