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Mirela Stan
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: patients and relatives
A few years ago I underwent surgery for a lump in the breast. After the diagnosis concerning the existence of a nodule, I had to schedule the meeting with the surgeon in order to plan the extirpation . Even after diagnosis I received encouragement and support from medical staff planning subsequent surgery, I was nervous because I was to meet with another doctor, with other medical staff . I hit the road with confidence in the doctor who would operate on me because I knew that he is the best in this field, he studied abroad and operation will be successful . And most importantly , he is a doctor hearted , not letting anyone in need and who is interested in the fate of his patients many years after the surgery. From the first meeting with him, he created a trusting relationship, explained me what it is about and what is going to happen . He always had a relaxed attitude , I now realize , minimize the potential negative diagnosis that may occur after the surgery, after the biopsy , so as to have a positive attitude on the first step , ie at the surgery. He took the time needed so that I did not feel like rushing or annoyed by some questions , maybe silly . Just wanted to make sure it's better if I stay in / a room with more beds because you have someone to talk to , to pass the time more quickly. Operation was planned in a relatively short time , it went well , I'm back home. Thereafter, follow-up visits came and he has always encouraged that everything is fine , the surgery is recovering well and while no one will ever know that there was an operation , giving tips including cosmetic surgery. Yes , physicians had enough time to listen , questions that have kept him to meet my family and to give some advice and which, in addition , they predicted some concerns about my sense of aesthetic as you look after surgery, or what possible problems may arise . I didn’t manage to get close to anyone else in the medical staff. My relationship as patient with doctor I think it was a success and will be one that I highly recommend to everyone.

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