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When you search for a doctor and you find a friend ...

Sebastian Raileanu
Language: English
Country: Romania
Typology: patients and relatives
My name is Sebastian and I am 23 years old. My last day in hospital and I feel like going back home with a win . I gained a new confidence in the people in the hospital. I am not at my first hospitalization, over time I had to deal with the medical staff . And in general , I left the hospital with the impression that I received medical services. The doctor and his team were health care providers , that do their job and try not to ongoing frustrations in this system. Respect cold , professional attitude , job done properly ... Rarely leave the hospital and you say you knew a man who cares that you understand the problem and how it influences your life . For even if our expectation is for the doctor to " do its job " , ie to display their ability that 's Certificates to perform , however, new patients , we do not like to be reduced in our disability . We are people between people, regardless of context. And expect to give us to understand that our disability has been integrated in this light , the man who is facing life with a health problem . Many times I wanted to express this, but doctors do not have time to reflect . They hear you, you smile and you respond evasively . This time I met a student who tries to implement some theories that support patients by establishing a connection based on doctor-patient communication and understanding. It's great to meet the man behind the profession , as I would like to think it's great to discover the man behind the disease. It is time for physicians to understand this. They are overworked and try to summarize the essential activity . But my mind to give me confidence . And for that , I need to look at my doctor in the eye. Let's talk openly and listen to me , its the proof that I understand the difficulty . This time I came to the hospital with a double problem: one somatic and one psychological factors both my difficulty of breathing . I suspected from the beginning what I read he confirmed that breathe harder not only because they are allergic but because of family problems in childhood , who have marked me affectively . But , I admit , I have never admitted to the doctor that I had a problem like this. When you do this , in what context? In any case when the doctor looks me up, hurry , because you have to fill out a sheet and recommend me a treatment. So I went ahead with the treatment of allergy and because he actually ignoreded other for factor upsets me . In any case , I would not have gone to treat me to a psychologist . I saw this time as help you be sure you're heard, the man in front of you to find respect. Yes , I have a psychological problem , call me and say, finally . I ignored it as an annoying buzz from that I always wanted to distract my eyes . But that buzz has accumulated ignored me and gave me the real disabilities. And now that you mention medical because treatment was effective and no longer gave me breathing difficulties . But I was glad to give eye to eye with putting on the wheels of a new approach to patient care , which encouraged me to proclaim in its favor. As humans, we need it.

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