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Confusion of a night in autumn

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
Body Person Disease, as awareness of solitude, of an actual lack of sharing, despite the presence of relatives, family members, operators, facilities, and medicine. Solitude/fear, that pushes you to seek an ally in a new and unknown world (Terzani => chemo), while the world outside is the same as before and indifferent. Feeling of inadequacy to live in this unknown reality that sets its rules, while everything that is around you does not care about you, and goes on, without realizing you have changed. On the other hand, your body is submitted to visits and x-rays, cared for, opened and closed, crippled, patched, partly replaced… it seems that they all know what to do with your body, while nobody knows what to do with your state of mind. Not even the one concerned. If by nature we get sick, by culture we must give ourselves an explanation.

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