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Flower power

Mr. G
Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
I get into Mr. G’s house and I find him sitting on the chair, ready to be medicated. I start to heal his wound and, when I finish, I ask him if I can look at the material he uses to medicate himself. At that moment, I realize the "mistakes" he makes in the management of medication (dirty equipment, kept in a dirty envelope). I decide to throw everything away, to Mr. G’s great regret. After some time, I go back to Mr. G’s house, and he is still very angry for what I have done. I have not paid attention. Some weeks pass by and, when I go back, to see him, G welcomes me with flowers. He understood why I behaved like that! And it was in that moment that I really felt I was TAKING CARE of him!

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