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I am not a foreigner

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
You can get inside a bright house full of coloured objects. A person who is ill sitting at a table (she does not manage to sit at the table, because she has no control of her trunk, she leans on the table), and welcomes you by saying: "Good morning, how are you? Do you remember me? I do, I have seen you many times at the ASL and, once in particular, I was desperate. I did not know you. I asked you some questions and you immediately understood me. They have been very useful suggestions, do you know? Thanks again.". I am astonished, instead of immediately talking about her suffering, her illness, she asks me how I am and says she knows me, she even remembers me in a positive light. Then, how can I answer? I tell her a few words to describe my role and then I stay there listening to her saying: "Tell me about your story: what can I do now for you and, most importantly, what do you expect me to do and what would you like to do now?". From her story, I gather that: - the lady wants to speak and be listened to and welcomed - she wants to stay in her house - she wants to always know the truth - she feels very bad and does not want to suffer any more - she is not interested in how long she will live, but in how she will live.

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