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Several web sites and on-line magazines specialized in the fields of health, education and training have published the information about the Heppy project. Links towards the Heppy portal were also activated from relevant web sites and web portals.




Peacewaves is an association of students, teachers, educators, young people, schools, local authorities and associations sharing experiences, expertise and resources to promote active citizenship. Through the link on the web site it was possible to involve teachers who work in the field of disability at school.
The Regional Association of Psychologists involves all the 6500 psychologists operating in the Piedmont (Italy) Region.
The Local health Unit of Novara involves 4 hospitals and the health services on the province of Novara (Piedmont Region, Italy).
The Euromed Network for Medical Humanities is set in Turin, Italy. Its aim is to involve health professional both at European and Mediterranean level in the medical humanities field.
COI – Cooperazione Odontoiatrica Internazionale (International Dentistry Cooperation) is the only Italian dental non Governmental Organization recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It came into being in May 1993 as a result of the experiences of a group of professionals in the dentistry field.
AHE is partner in the HEPPY project. AHE website provides information about the project together with a direct link to the HEPPY Portal. There are many users of AHE’s website that may now learn about and benefit from the I HEPPY project.
CECE is partner in HEPPY project. CECE website provides information about the project together with a direct link to HEPPY project.
CECE is member of EfVET and National Represent in the Steering Committee. As association of European VET centres is represented in many countries. EfVET is a unique European-wide professional association which has been created by and for providers of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in all European countries. Its mission is to champion and enrich technical and vocational education and training through transnational co-operation by building a pan-European network of institutions
Madrid Association of Private Enterprise Education (AMEPE, CECE-Madrid) is an entrepreneur organisation that integrates private centers, funded center and coordinated all kind of schools. AMEPE, was born of the need to join forces and interests to defend the right to freedom of teaching and to support the management of the owner of the center. AMEPE website provides information about the project together with a direct link to HEPPY project
Transfer Slovensko is partner in the Heppy project. Transfer website provides information about the project together with a direct link to the Heppy project Portal. There are many users of TRANSFER’s website that may now learn about and benefit from the Heppy project.
Rozsutec is public home care social services provider in Bratislava (SK) and has about 40 clients, mostly old people and people with disabilities and psychological and mental dysfunctions.
Home social care services Senecio is one of the best senior home care social homes in Bratislava and is associated partner in Heppy project.
Seniorville is a chain of private senior establishments bringing a higher standard of social services to Slovakia. It offers to old people from Slovakia and abroad a good-quality social and health care, provided by professional personnel that takes into consideration their personal needs and requirements.
Modry Anjel is intervention team, dealing with results of crisis situations deriving from extraordinary events such as very big disasters, trafic accidents, etc. The team gathers volunteering people from various professions.
Centre of Spirituality Loyola – Home care social service is a health care provider based in Ivanka pri Dunaji (SK), focusing on seniors and old people with disabilities.
This forum is a part of the website and it contains the news from the world of natural science (updated daily), the course of biology, tests and checking discussion forum for biology students and medical students and also for physicians. is a forum for doctors and medicine students. The website revolves around all aspects of studying and working in medicine sector.
This website is addressed to young doctors. It also contains a forum dedicated to many aspects connected with healthcare. Here it is possible to find much useful information about professional courses and possibilities of career development for doctors.
This online magazine, addressed to nurses and health carers, contains news on medicine branch and advices about working in healthcare. It also contains a forum where useful information on nursing is shared.
This website is devoted to home care subject area. It is addressed both to residents and workers of such institutions.
This website updates aboutmedical offers and medical advice, and it also includes a medical forum. On this website, besides seeking the advice of specialists, you can also find announcements and information about the next fairs, lectures, talks, workshops and conferences on the topic of health and beauty. is a portal, which contains articles, offers, forum for old people’s medical guardians. There is a lot of information to find out about the care and work on forums.
This website is dedicated to medical students, service providers, clinics, medical and pharmaceutical companies.
Campus Vertical is a website related to ICTs. It also provides resources on line and training programmes. Campus Vertical website provides information about the project together with a direct link to HEPPY project
Aula Virtual is a service online training, mainly for teachers. Aula Virtual website provides information about the project together with a direct link to HEPPY project
The Foundation's purposes are promoting social initiatives, both in Spain and abroad, that respond to the needs of education, culture, entertainment, health, etc., present in today's society. It also pursues the implementation of activities aimed at the implementation of international cooperation projects and training volunteers to assist in the activities of non-profit entities. It provides training program for unemployed people or people with social disadvantages. Fundacion Senara website provides information about the project together with a direct link to HEPPY project
Revista medicala (medical magazine) is an online magazine that addresses medical issues such as psychology, mental health, children’s health, etc. The direct beneficiaries of the project (e.g. doctors, nurses, other medical staff) could find out information about the project and the training course to be developed from this article.
Medica is the official magazine of the college of doctors in Romania. It is addressed to doctors and medical staff. It contains news from the field, medical articles, information on congresses and conferences, etc. is the online version of the magazine. The direct beneficiaries of the project (e.g. doctors, nurses, other medical staff) could find out information about the project and the training course to be developed from this article. is a medical portal on health, medicine, deseases and treatments, online medical advice, childrens health, etc. The direct beneficiaries of the project (e.g. doctors, nurses, other medical staff) could find out information about the project and the training course to be developed from this article.
Diseminare is a Romanian national portal for the dissemination of European projects. The article published contains basic information about the HEPPY project, including link to the portal, interested people being able to find out more about it.
The official website of the CECMA company, partner in the Heppy project. The clients of the company and other visitors can find out basic information about the project and its results.
The European Association for the Defense of Human Rights is a Romanian NGO focused on the defence of the human rights, especially among young people. As their official website is in reconstruction, they have published the article about HEPPY on their facebook official page which is public
The Association for Lifelong Learning in Rural Areas (AEPMR) is a non-governmental organization based in Braila, Romania. The mission of the organization is to increase the number of citizens in the rural areas who have access and benefit of lifelong learning opportunities. is a portal for press releases in different fields, including the medical and educational/training fields.
“Communicate medicale blog” is a blog for medical press releases and articles.
The Association for Lifelong Learning (AIP) is an NGO whose main activity is promoting the European dimension of lifelong learning. The activities developed by AIP demonstrate its continued and intensive interest in promoting the concept of European citizenship and common, European educational standards for all European countries.
The Federation of the IPASVI Colleges is the body that represents Italian nurses on a national basis. The national Federation coordinates the Provincial Colleges and one of their main institutional duties is to keep the Registers of the professionals.In order to practice their profession, nurses are obliged to register.
The Fund Edo Tempia carries out activity of information, primary prevention and early diagnosis; all these activities are crucial for reducing the risk of cancer and to defeat it. The vehicles of information are the magazine Foglie, the conferences in the workplace and in schools and the website. The Fund organizes courses in schools and for adults, which relate to smoking prevention, proper nutrition, physical activity and knowledge of the environment.
The Company pursues exclusively scientific purposes, encouraging and facilitating the scientific, cultural and professional initiatives among those who are interested in issues related to rare diseases. It also proposes the adoption of the relevant bodies of legislative and regulatory frameworks in favor of patients with rare diseases. Deals with issues related to education, promotes professional development, stimulates all forms of interdisciplinary cooperation.
Cardioteam Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in Turin in 2008; the Foundation is the first in Italy to deal, at the international level, with research, training, prevention and solidarity in health and diseases of cardiovascular origin. Cardioteam Concentrates its efforts on people in difficulty (adults and children), with no limits or restrictions of geographical area, as evidenced by the projects undertaken by Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Syria and Haiti.
Take-easy is a project financed by the European Fund for the Integration of citizen coming from non-European countries (EIF) and the Ministry of the Interior (Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration). Leader is the Municipality of Turin with ASL(* )TO4, ASL TO2, CIPES Piemonte and University of Turin. Main objectives of Take-easy: improving the processes of social inclusion for the prevention and the promotion of physical, mental and social integration of citizens and immigrants to facilitate their access to the network of health and social services. * ASL: Local health agency
S.F.E.P. is the training agency of the City of Turin - Social Services Directorate, active since 1968 with the following aims: •To plan and manage activities of basic education and redevelopment for the social, health and educational professions not included in the University courses. •To plan and manage activities of professional development, lifelong research for social, health and educational professions that operate in public services. •To activate research paths on the processes of change related to the areas of its competence and to promote synergies and projects between different institutions and with organizations of the third sector and voluntary organizations.
The portal of Physicians College of Turin represents a very important tool of information and updating for all district of Turin and for the national territory. The link of Heppy Project represents an important opportunity for the project because it connects us with doctors.
OISI is an health care organisation and an associated partner in the Heppy project. Oisi website provides information about the project together with a direct link to the Heppy Portal.
SAAPA spa takes care of the management of the civic hospital “Città di Settimo” (Turin, Italy) in order to provide territorial and post-acute activities and to satisfy the needs of the population of the areas ASLTO2 and ASLTO4.Saapa spa is associated partner in the Heppy project.
SIPEM is a portal where a lot of experts write about health promotion and education and training methods. The Heppy Project is linked to this site thanks to Lorenza Garrino, expert of Narrative medicine in the HEPPY project.
The Union coordinates the actyivities of municipal servicesin the noth east area of Turin in a partnership, broadening the usability, ensuring speed and simplification of operations and cost containment. It offers a good chance to take project information to citizens.
Starting from the experience of the previous 15 Mattoni (bricks) of the Italian Health System, the Project Mattone Internazionale aims at increasing the role of the regional health systems and policies in Europe by strengthening their competences in investigating opportunities offered by the European Union and other international organizations (
Multiker is an organization that promotes integrated projects within heathcare, medical humanities, arts, science of education, life skills, courage pedagogy, anthropological technologies and entertainment specialists. It is associated partner in the Heppy Project.
Gradenigo Hospital is a partner in the Heppy project
The CIS (Committee for Scholastic Integration), inspired by the principles of the social solidarity, aims to promote on the basis of the present laws and regulations, the inclusion of minors and adults with disabilities in school and in the society, both soliciting for the application of those same laws and by promoting the appropriate adjustments. CIS is associated partner in the Heppy project.
ASSIMEL is a no profit association for the development the new approaches to care patient. It collaborates with Gradenigo Hospital for the promotion of health activities and research.
Inkocentras is partner in the HEPPY project. This is one of the largest companies in Lithuania that provides nursing care measures and training in the field of nursing. Inkocentras website provides information about the project. There are many users of Inkocentras website that may now learn about and benefit from the HEPPY project. Through the link on the web site it was possible to involve nurses who work with the disabled people in the project. Additionally, through the link family members who have a disabled person at home got interested in the project innovative thematic.
Skrivanek - language solution - is the largest translation company in Lithuania. Its services are used by many organizations, so publishing news through their page was a good way to spread information about Heppy project. Some Skrivanek partners are companies working in the medical field (Mepfa, LESIA, Biok). They have participated in our Heppy project presentation in the Multiple Sclerosis Day Event last summer, and proposed their support.
The website of the Lithuanian Ministry of health publishes relevant and useful information about the health system of Lithuania, the organization of health care in the country and the key decisions of health policymakers. It gives an excellent opportunity to strengthen the cooperation between patients, medical professionals, policymakers and managers; an issue of primary importance for solving health problems.
The Association of Women’s microenterprises (STI) understood the concept of peer education and its application to social care and work with disadvantaged groups. LMSU invited the association to join the project, in order for both partners to present their works and teach each other. They are exchanging information regarding projects or activities which can be interesting to all members. As we speak about women, many of them are carrying home works as well as to take home care.
In the last five years LMSU together with SMA (Women Rights Institute) developed a model training course, aimed at retired health provider women, wishing to provide health and social support to those still working in the field. Both the methodology and results of this project underwent linguistic and cultural adaptation for use in Lithuania and Latvia. Heppy project was also presented to the members of the Institute and women, who are still working in health sector, expressed a huge interest in the project innovation. We are going to continue work on a narrative medicine distribution through our sectors and especially in informal health carers.
Founded in 1989, EMSP (European Multiple Sclerosis Platform ) is an umbrella organisation for 37 Multiple Sclerosis societies from 34 European countries. EMSP represents their interests at European level and works to achieve its goals of high quality equitable treatment and support for people with MS throughout Europe. Exchanging and disseminating information relating to MS, considering all issues relevant for people affected by MS, encouraging research of all kinds that is appropriate to MS through recognised medical organisations.
The Health Center Energetikas has long lasting traditions of nurturing treatment. It was founded in 1986. Since then people from Lithuania and abroad have been and still are choosing Energetikas for rest, medical treatment or simply to strengthen health with programs which are specifically selected by highly qualified staff. LMSU organize every year a summer camp for the staff and nurses, with the aim to share experience between our staff and nurses working in the health center. Also they participate in the Heppy training courses and disseminate events.
The official website of the LISS company. The members of the association and other visitors can find out basic information about the project and its results in lithuanian language ( and English ( Having in mind that the page is daily visited by up to 80 people-Heppy project information is widely disseminated and discussed.
Klaipėdos association unites disabled people’s societies located in the western Lithuania and cooperates with Multiple Sclerosis center in Klaipeda. Associations members (as well as doctors, nurses, physical therapists of the MS center) will participate in the Heppy project virtual meeting, in order to share their experience and ask questions.
In January 2010 IS Langas initiated an information campaign called "From the Window." The main idea of the campaign is to invite people to interact with patients with Multiple Sclerosis, in order not to remain indifferent and understand the causes of the disease. IS Langas activated a direct link to project portal in order to disseminate information and invited its members to actively participate in the forum of the training course. Additionally they participated to the collection of experiences.
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